Vibrating Screen Cloth:

Vibrating Screen Cloth in visakhapatnam,wire mesh in visakhapatnam

Vibrating Screen Cloth consists of semi-permeable barrier made of connected strands of metal, fiber, or other flexible/ductile material. Mesh is similar to web or net in that it has many attached or woven strands.

Wire Mesh, also known as screen is a large regulatory category of wire fabric. It is made out of chemical fibers, silk, metal wire through certain weaving methods. It has wide applications in the industry, agriculture, science and technology and national defense. Up to the most advanced technology, high-tech industries, down to daily life and culture, wire mesh screen develops simultaneously with the national economy, and plays an important role in the peoples’ daily life. Wire mesh, or screen is mainly used in: Aviation, aerospace, printing, dyeing, electronics, mining, pharmaceutical, food, food processing and chemical industry.Vibrating Screen Cloth has basically four functions: Screening, filter, Printing and strengthening. In addition, woven wire mesh can be used to make quarry screen in petroleum industry, as acid washing mesh in chemical and chemical fiber industry, and electro galvanizing industry, it is used as sifting screen for solid particles and powder, or as filter media for liquid and gas in the industries such as metallurgy, coal, petroleum, chemical, pharmacy, automobile, porcelain, glass and so on.

Vibrating Screen

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  • Screens free flowing materials
  • Ensures material travelling at a constant rate
  • Adjustable amplitude of vibration degree
  • Consumes lesser time

Applications of vibrating screen cloth:

  • Meshes are often used to screen out unwanted things, such as insects. Wire screens on windows and mosquito netting can be considered as types of meshes.
  • Wire screens can be used to shield against radio frequency radiation, e.g. in microwave ovens and Faraday cages.
  • Metal and nylon wire mesh filters are used in filtration
  • Wire mesh is used in guarding for secure areas and as protection in the form of vandal screens.
  • Wire mesh can be fabricated to produce park benches, waste baskets and other baskets for material handling.
  • A huge quantity of mesh is being used for screen printing work.
  • Surgical mesh is used to provide a reinforcing structure in surgical procedures like inguinal hernioplasty, and umbilical hernia repair.
  • Meshes are also used as drum heads in practice and electronic drum sets.
  • Jain Wire Nettings is one of the largest suppliers of different types of wire meshes in visakhapatnam.