Jainwire Netting & Hardware – Manufacturer & Supplier of Wire Mesh and Other Wire products

Jainwire Netting & Hardware started manufacturing Wire Mesh in the year 1996. Since then it has diversified into various Wire – Products manufactured by Automatic Machines manned by skilled workman and guided by a team of technical experts producing quality Wire Mesh and other Wire Products.
We are supply to private sector units ranging from Defence, Atomic Energy, Electricity, Iron & Steel, Oli & Refinery, Fertilisers & Chemicals, Cements, Food-Processing, Plantations, Automobile, Engineering, Mining, Construction etc.

Our long experience comes handy with our products enabling you to select the right quality for your needs. Kindly enlist our name in your mailing list and send your enquiries by Email/Fax.




We produce the best quality of wire mesh in india and its different varieties and deliver the same at any part of the India, for which our company and it’s sister concern’s are located at different location and always in search for a newer location. Location where company and its sister concerns are located is Visakhapatnam. Our main aim is not only to produce best quality of wire mesh but also try to be as close to the company as possible for reducing their transportation cost and delay problems.


Exclusive Products of Jain Wire Nettings :